Finding The Best Foot Massager For Your Money

Chronic soreness in foot affects many people throughout the world, so there is no surprise that there are foot massage devices of every possible size and shape in the market today. With so many different types of devices to choose from, it is difficult to choose the right device for you. Medmassager reviewed at Wellness Geeky can be helpful in this matter. Let us try to understand a few things that are useful while finding the best foot massager.

Hi-tech pricey machines

There are varieties of high-tech leg and foot massagers in the market, but with the improved technology, these massagers come with a high price tag. Some machines look like ottoman. You just have to stick your feet into the appropriate slots. A remote-controlled roller starts massaging your feet bottom.

This will no doubt give you a relaxing massage, but the thing you should ask yourself here is whether you actually want or need to spend so much money to massage your feet? (more…)

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 Skin Care Secrets For Ageless Beauty

Secrets of skin care not exclusive to any specific group anymore, anyone can reverse the process of aging by applying peel, injectable fillers and creams. But just don’t buy any product blindly which labeled as anti-aging, it should have appropriate ingredients that have been proven to be effective in skin care routines

  1. Botox: This is something that has become the most vital agent in reversing the effects of aging. It is one of the best treatments for wrinkles. But there is one problem and that is botulism virus which is the most important ingredient in this injection filler can lead to some side effects. So remember that when you go for this treatment, your doctor will combine onabotulinnumatoxinA which will be in the form of powder with sterile liquid and insert into your wrinkles. Botox blocks the signals of nerves to the muscles, so they don’t wrinkle.
  2. Retinol: This is the most natural skin secret which has been in use since many years. It is concentrated version of vitamin A. It comes in the form of molecules, it can go deep into the skin easily and stimulate collagen growth. Collagen is the main reason for the elasticity of your skin and promoting its growth, skin becomes softer and smoother. It also has many other benefits, it can exfoliate pores which leads to removal of acne. Majority of our skin care products contain this ingredient but consumers are more aware of its benefits today. So when you go out to buy an anti-aging product next time, make sure you read the label carefully to make sure that it has retinol as its main ingredient. Kasiljean website has a lot of information about all these things.

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