Uses Of Tap And Die Sets

Tap and die sets are cutting tools used in industries to make threads for screws. The tap cuts the nut while the cuts and screw which are also called male and female parts. When you are making use of tap to cut threads, this procedure is called tapping. The process where the die is used is known as threading. Both taps and dies are also useful in cleaning up the threads.

When are they used?

Tap and die sets are used by mechanics normally for repairs on-site, especially when objects must be threaded again but they are in a fixed spot. Taps are needed when bolt holes are stripped completely, or bolts have been completely cut off. Dies may be used to thread wood rods, metal or plastic, and pipes as well. They may also be used to create shafts when the required length is not available.

How to make use of tap and die sets

  1. The first step is figuring out the threads per inch of the part that must be fixed. Once you know this number, choose the right type of die. This die will fit appropriately into a wrench to lead it.
  2. Cutting new threads: This step should be started by putting the bolt into a vise to hold it in the right place. As you move the wrench, the die will catch on the threads that are already existing and cut into the metal. Reversing the direction of the wrench is important to ensure the threads stay clear. You will also have to apply the lubricant again.
  3. Turn a rod into a bolt: The rod will require a slanting end to start with as dies do not work with flat ends efficiently. Ensure the steel rod stays well lubricated and turn slowly. Best tap and die set is a must to carry out all these functions.