Add Home Alarm System Maintenance On Your Spring Cleaning List

Spring cleaning list includes a thorough home cleaning and dusting. The winter months has left behind a lot of stains and dirt around owing to environmental elements and climatic conditions. Make sure to add home security system’s maintenance on this spring cleaning list.

Home security system maintenance tips


Clean the physical parts of the home alarm system, which may otherwise cause issues. Identify the issues and find proper solution, so as to make sure that the home alarm system works at its total potential.

Control panel testing

Control panel is the core of your home alarm system. Every part spread around the home sends a signal to this control panel, who detects the signals, thus what and when to activate gets controlled. Nowadays, Houston home security companies have designed a test mode to diagnose the system. It helps you to ensure that every feature works perfectly. Before running test mode, notify the monitoring services. Insect the panel minutely to find loose wiring or damage signs. Signs of any wear or malfunction in the panel during test mode is a warning sign to contact the alarm company instantly.

Check and inspect

  • Alarm systems operate on batteries, so inspect and replace them to avoid any glitches in security due to battery related issues.
  • Inspect every cameras to ensure they are aimed properly and not damaged. Check camera recording and monitoring equipment to ensure that cameras are working as expected.
  • Security lights around the home or entry way needs to be checked and adjusted to aim properly for maximum effectiveness.

DIY inspection of home alarm system is a wise step but you can call professionals annually, especially during spring cleaning time period. Your time can be invested in other spring cleaning aspects.