At Which Situation Choosing A Right 1300 Number Is ideal

1300 numbers and 1800 numbers both can portray the best business professionalist attitude. These are virtual phone numbers, which means that you can choose where and how you want to redirect calls, providing multiple forms of call routing and distribution if you are unable to pick up the call by yourself.

Both are 10-digit numbers, showing almost similar features and functions, which allow you to set them up in the same manner. With this you don’t need to install new phone lines; you just need to select which of your existing phones will answer calls.

1300 numbers permit the customer to pay the cost of a local call when dialing your company from any landline that is why they are called local rate numbers. Know more about local rates at

1800 number permits the customer to call free of charge from any landline amongst the country, hence they are called toll free or free call numbers. In this, your business will be charged for the calls thereby.

So, the point is the call costs of 1300 number are shared between the business and customer, while 1800 number call costs are anyways picked up by your business.

When is a 1300 number right for you?


  • Is your business capable to carry these calling costs itself?

If money is good, but you still want to be benefited with a more professional phone number, the 1300 number is the best.


  • Are you looking for a national profile?

If yes, then 1300 number is a cost-efficient route to reach customers across and having a phone number that can be easily memorized.


  • Do most of your inbound calls landline-to-landline?

If so, then a 1300 number can be the right choice. Call plans which comprise free talk-time help in reducing the monthly bill to little more than your monthly service cost.


  • Need lots of virtual features?

Both 1300 and 1800 numbers with Zintel are welcomed with a number of options like Call Distribution, Call Forwarding, Voice-to-Email, and Customized Greeting.


  • Stressed about the cost of calls from mobiles?

Many phone companies have now begun to offer ‘13-friendly’ plan, which allows customers to make free calls to 1300 numbers. Visit  for more plans.